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Bob Shema
President/Creative Director  |  Design Block Zero & 0ºDrift

Bob has had a passion for fashion since he was a small child and the first in his Catholic school to push his way out of the box by accessorizing his uniform with Beatle boots. The nuns may have blanched, but Bob never looked back. He continued riding the cutting edge, first with pencil jeans that he insisted his mother tighten until they choked the top of his boots and later, with the opposite, bellbottoms so wide they needed to be enhanced with fabric patches and sewn at home.

He fearlessly boogied through the 1970s in a blaze of pink plaid, green velour and red velveteen. Make that blazers of pink plaid, green velour and red velveteen, just a few of the stand-out garments he loved wearing to college classes at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania

After graduating, he took a job at an ad agency in Allentown, PA and spent much of his spare time and all of his spare cash at the mall. “When I got my first job, all I did was buy clothes,’’ he says. As Bob’s closet expanded so did his portfolio. He became an award-winning print designer, working at the Allentown Morning Call and as the Fashion Dallas art director at The Dallas Morning News. In the 1990s, he co-founded an interactive web company, Wavebase 9, and worked as a senior art director at Fossil Inc., where he was responsible for designing limited edition and licensed products for the NFL, NBA and many other character focused products. Bob also taught a course in 3D package design at the University of North Texas, before leaving to spend all his time as the head of his own design studio, Design Block Zero.

But while he achieved great success as a graphic designer with clients such as Sony Playstation, IBM, GTE, American Airlines, Acura, Cingular, The Four Seasons, Gatorade, Pampers, JCPenney, The Dallas Morning News and The Fort Worth Star Telegram he continues to foster a love of product and apparel design currently working on a line of resort hand bags and several other apparel product concepts.

Bob has fullfilled a 2 year term as the Chairman of the Board of Governor’s at the Four Seasons Resort & Club in Las Colinas and is currently serving as a Co-Chairman of the board on the Irving Symphony Orchestra in Irving Texas.